I only spent 6 weeks at home, all of last year...

My name is Linden, I’m a NYC’er. Actually, to be specific, I’ve lived in NYC for 5 years. 2014 I spent 12 weeks total in NYC, 2015 I spent 6 weeks total in NYC. So technically, if you look at it from a tax perspective, my primary residence is at ~35k ft.

Dad’s a 77W captain, Mom’s retired domestic flight attendant, both rock stars and I’m proud to say that I certainly am the product of a flying family. I’ve got quite a few hours in the cockpit myself however the software bug bit me and that’s where my world is. Fortunately for me, I have the ability to travel, a lot.

Goal of Blog: Provide as many different route reviews and details as humanly possible so I can to help you make the best decision about who to fly and when to fly them in order to make the most of your trip!

I am lucky to be able to pick which airline I’d like to travel on (for the most part) and typically pay for the upgrades myself or use points. I am reviewing these airlines because when I do flight research, guess what I read? Flight reviews! Hopefully I can be as helpful to you as many of the travel bloggers out there were to me.

Site note: I only have one carrier that I primarily pick for domestic and that is Virgin America (if you know enough about VX you know that my loyalty cannot be because of family, VX doesn’t have 77Ws). Also, when your company doesn’t pay for transcon first or business, you tend to pick the best economy class for the money and Virgin America wins my vote there!

All photos on this site were taken by Linden, shot with an iPhone 6. When trips are sponsored I will tell my readers and I commit to telling the whole story, not just the bright side of travel because we all know, s**t happens. Enjoy!