What do you wear in-flight?

If I was to calculate it out, I have spent > 800 hours in-flight over the past two years. That's a lot of time on a plane. If someone is spending that much time in the air, wouldn't they always be wearing sweatpants and a hoodie?

Well, not me. Two reasons: A. I don't own a pair of sweatpants, you can thank my significant other for that. B. You don't get upgraded in sweatpants and a hoodie.

My travel outfit is typically either one of three things:

A. Shoes: Always converse. Why? Flying in dress shoes can be a pain but flying in sneakers is much too casual. White converse (the in-style) seem to fit both well and they're still comfortable enough to have on in-flight or remove. Also, business shoes means business socks, they're almost always very thin socks which mean you'll freeze your 'tootsies' off, literally.

B. Pants: I never wear shorts, period. It's too cold and you'll basically cancel out an upgrade the minute the attendant behind the check-in desk sees you. 100% of the time you'll find me in blue jeans, dark blue jeans. Specifically, ' travel denim' made by Bonobos. You can find them here. If you travel a lot, buy these, the denim is somehow stretchy, super comfortable, yet they still look like normal jeans. It's nothing short of a miracle.

C. Shirt: Button down, button down, button down. Nuff' said.

There you have it guys. Ladies, apologies but I am admittedly not an expert however I may recommend yoga pants, casual button down. Keep you warm and comfortable and it won't rule out an upgrade if you're feeling suave to try your hand at convincing the always culpable check-in desk guy.

What do you wear in-flight?